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A full set of 1,600 beads makes approximately 350 first name necklaces/bracelets.

Full set $490 + shipping
Half set $275 + shipping
  • Beads hand printed in Israel.
  • Set includes convenient carrying case.
  • A letter chart designed to enable non Hebrew speakers
    to spell names is available on request - free!
  • We provide quick refills of your most popular letters.
  • Free assitance in spelling names on request.
  • Ratio of letters determined by Alef Better's long time experience.
  • Please note, Hebrew is written without vowels.
    Words written in Hebrew therefore look shorter than their English versions.

Individual necklaces and bracelets are also available.
Necklaces - $10
Bracelets - $8

  • Provide the length of your desired necklace or bracelet.
  • All necklaces and bracelets are strung on rawhide and include clasps.
  • Add two dollars for decorative glass beads on both sides of the name.

  • Make Hebrew name necklaces and bracelets
    Great for kids and adults!
    • Fun activity for school or summer camp
    • Great addition to your holiday events
    • Fantastic for fundraisers
    • A novelty item for your gift shop or bead store
    • Upbeat way to promote Israel on campus
    • Hebrew name necklaces make great gifts too!

    Other Israeli products coming soon!